If Your Flair for Creating A Beautiful Home
Was the Key to Your Dream Life?
The one where you work just a few months a year, yet still rake in a full time salary.
And  playing with floor plans , drooling over the real estate pages and shopping for homewares is in the job description ?
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Domestic Goddess to Pro Renovator
I'm Bernadette Janson and have always had a passion for home making.
In over 30 years of renovating, I have made just about every mistake you could imagine but in the process I have built the $100k Renovation System

Many women have patchy careers, taking time off to have babies and care for children or other family members
Statistically a woman's earning capacity diminishes significantly when she has her first baby and it never recovers.

The problem often doesn't surface until there is a crisis or retirement appears on the horizon.

The good news is your flair for making a house a home, the organisation and resourcefulness it takes to manage a family and the ability to follow a recipe
sets you up well to achieve a $50k - $100k profit per project.


So if you are someone who drools over property listings,
lives vicariously through your friends renos
and dreams of making renovating your "thing",
you owe it to yourself to leverage your gifts so you can bring your dream to life and never have to worry about money again.

 It's easier than you think .
If you are determined to build a six figure income from your passion for property, there are two ways to get the results you want.

One is  "trial and error ". 
On average It takes about a decade to get to a point where you can predictably produce a substantial  income  from renovating
Sadly  most NEVER make it, in fact many end up worse off.
The problem is  your learning comes from your failures. Thats expensive and demoralising.
Then there is the  smart way, the short cut,
the "tried and tested " path.

Learn from other's mistakes and follow a recipe that has been proven to deliver time and time again.  

And the best bit is that instead of having to defend your choices to the cynics, you do it with the support of passionate, like minded renovators, who have your back and lift you up. 

The reality is you could  have   your first pay check inside 12 months.

You just have a choice to make:  one year or ten?
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Wonder Women Renovator Objectives
Solid foundations are the basis of any well laid plan. Initially we teach you our $100k Renovation System then working with you to establish your personal strategic plan to move you to your goal.
Next step is implementation. You have the formula, now it is time to put it to woork. The objective of this step is to support you to get to your first profit as quickly as possible because success builds confidence.

Once you have made your first profit , you now need to repeat the process to build mastery.
Then you can start spreading your wings and venturing into other strategies and expanding your experience.
The community of like minded , savvy women is as important as is the education. There are plenty of opportunite to connect , deepen relationships and celebrate your wins.
Who We Work With

Results are non-negotiable and so we have an application process to screen applicants for suitability..
There are two criterial for joining Wonder Women
You need to be ready to take action towards your goal
& embody the Wonder Women values

Wonder Women Values
You are unwilling to give up on your dream and do what it takes to get there.
Every woman has her own special gifts and talents.
A Wonder Woman loves to share her talents so that everyone benefits.
It is said that when a woman improves her income, the entire family benefits. Wonder Women are nurturers and don't just want a better life for themselves, they want it for those they love.
Not in a way where they give away everything but an empowering way that fosters the ripple effect.
Silver Lining
Instead of worrying that the grass is greener on the other side, we lavish ours with life giving water. And while we are at it, we'll do yours too.
Wonder Women Renovators is For You if:
  • You're addicted to the idea of renovating and want to make sure you are profitable.
  • You feel your are ill prepared for retirement and want to speed things up with renovating or airbnb
  • You want to use renovating or airbnb to speed up the  growth of your  portfolio.
  • You want to renovate to be a stay at home parent
  • You are a designer or a creative and you are making your clients wealthy  want to grow wealth for your self as well.
What Makes Us So Good
Lady Power
I have been there
Ive had those trade quotes (with the dumb woman tax).
I have had to figure out work arounds to get competitive prices, to get trades to do things how I want them done and I want to show you how to hold your own, without having to man up.
Our Team Of Experts
As well as Bernadette You have access to a superior level of expertise:
Michelle : MIndset coach
David : Award winning architect
Stephen: One of the top 50 construction project managers
in the country.
35 Years Of Renovating
We were renovating in the 90s
when interest rates were 20% , during the global financial crisis and now we can add a pandemic to the list. History is heartless teacher but you get to learn from our journey rather than having to go it alone.
in the country.
Joint Venture Process
Joint ventures are a powerful tool but can be a bit daunting if you don't know where to start. We have a tried and tested process that makes joint ventures quite easy to set up  and  plenty of potential partners. And if you need help to connect with the right partner, we help with that too
Take A Peek Behind The Curtain
100k Renovation System
Joint Venture Support
Annual Retreat
Online Portal & Courses
Airbnb Training
Annual She Renovates Conference
Help With Design
Our Guarantee
We are 100% committed to ensuring our renovators get results.
Wonder Women  is focused on action so that you get results 
Quite simply, what we do works.
And as a result, we have guarantee!
If you implement everything you commit to (as guided by us) across your program term and do not get any results, we will work with you for free until you do.
You will not find a team or community who care more than we do about YOU and your progress.
"My average income for all three properties has been a conservative average of $4500 per month. This additional income would not have been possible without the knowledge obtained through Bernadette's course and the support the network provides."
Brenda Bowell
"The Wonder Women are a great group of people. I've worked with a number of them on joint ventures now. We are ordinary women doing wonderful things and most importantly stepping out of our comfort zones. The power of having someone who has your back when you venture into the world of property renovation is a huge boost – and that someone for me is Bernadette Janson."
Suzette Halliwell
"By taking Bernadette's advice, we are making about $400 a week just from the short term rental studio set up, which was a $100,000 investment.The School of Renovating has such a supportive community. Knowing I have the backing of that team in any renovating scenario gives me a lot more confidence."

Lucy Scott

Michelle Lewis
Wonder Women Manager

Michelle is an accomplish renovator has been able to retire from her nursing career due to her success with property and renovating.
What Happens From Here?
  • Hit the "Apply Now" Button
  • Complete the short form provided so we can learn more about your situation and what you want to achieve.
  • Shedule your 30 Minute Discovery Call.
  • Michelle will walk you through the program and determine that we are able to help you with your goals.
  • If we are a good fit , you will be offered a place.
  • Once you are registered you are welcomed into the program by Bernadette and Stephen.
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