.. to replace your income with renovating in a way that you can be proud of .
Transform your (lagging) retirement savings with passion and creativity
Have more money & more joy in your life and for those you love
Replace the income from a  job that is uninspiring, boring or downright toxic
"My average income for all three properties has been a conservative average of $4500 per month. This additional income would not have been possible without the knowledge obtained through Bernadette's course and the support the network provides."
Brenda Bowell
"The support, knowledge and overall care that Bernadette gives her students is beyond what I had thought possible. I honestly believe my motivation to do as much as I have done in renovations and in the time I have been her student would not have been possible without her support and teachings. 100% recommended."
Denise Vieira
"I have learned so much and have been able to continue my property journey through a joint venture with another member, I wasn't able to do so at the time on my own.

Great to meet such amazing like minded women."

Niki Tranfield
You know exactly what you want.
You know you have what it takes, you have been mentally  rehearsing forever

Trouble is , you haven't quite figured out how to join the dots. 
How to get from where you are now to what seems like a fairy tale.

WonderWomen is the program that is going to take you there. 
It is designed to meet your special needs and will mould and flex with you . 

You will be clear about what you need to do. 
You  will build confidence along with your new skills.  
And I will be with you every step of the way
About Bernadette Janson
I am an ex RN from country Victoria who has always had a passion for home making and big dreams.

It has been on renovating that I have built a home, a beautiful marriage and family, lifelong friends and a successful business.

In over 30 years in the industry , I have honed my craft for making profit from renovating.

While it is good to know my financial future is secure, I have needed more to feel truly fulfilled.

That desire for more was the motivation for starting The School of Renovating .

I now guide like minded women through the process of moulding their passion for  beautiful homes into a skill that solves their money problems.

Building this business had been a journey in itself with lots of twists and turns along the way. 

Wonder Woman embodies everything that is good about the journey.

It is not just a program, it is a movement of smart, soulful, loving women who are building a meaningful, creative and prosperous life through renovating .

Best of all, we are doing it together.

If you are interested, please apply
Not having a clear strategy was the biggest mistake I made in my early years of renovating.
I am determined that you set off on the right foot from the outset .
That way you and don't have to make your own expensive mistakes.
Every aspect of our programs are systemised into simple steps. 
From getting a valuation to choosing an agent to do feasibility on a project. 
This reduces risk because it ensures best practice on every single project .
To be honest, this is the game changer.  It doesn't matter how good a training is, having help to  implement makes the world of difference.
In  Wonder woman you both a  sisterhood of like minded renovators.  You also have Bernadette for personal support.

What you get as a Wonder Women
  • Clarity First up when you join, we map out the path you need to take to  get from where you are now to your financial goal. Then all there is to do is follow that plan, step by step.
  • Cutting Edge Strategies and Tools  Because everyone is different , so you need to access to the most effective strategies and tools.  We keep you equipped with the most up-to-date.
  • A Professional Team You Can Trust. One of the biggest issues with property is who to trust. Wonderwomen get access to our team, the professionals we use ourselves so they are proven and trustworthy.
  • A Personal Coach in Your Pocket.
     You get Bernadette guiding you and keeping you on track on a daily basis
  • A Sisterhood of Soulful Women
    Newbies right up to industry professionals, all with a common goal of building a $50k, $100K or even $200k income through renovating and property.
What makes Wonder Women different from other Renovating & Property communities?
1. You are not a number.
We take personal interest in you from the beginning when we design your journey around your personal situation and circumstances. And we stick with you and help you navigate the set backs and  celebrate the wins until you have this nailed.

2. A sisterhood of like minded women
Women from all walks of life, ordinary women creating extraordinary results. This is a group of soulful women who are working not just for themselves but to make life better for others. These women are determined to do good in the world . Beautiful on the inside and out. ( and not a yummy mummy in sight)

3. You have the backing of a family of industry experts.
Bernadette, an ex RN who has proven that being a super savvy and resourceful home make is a powerful skill.
Stephen who is one of the top 50 construction project managers in the country. Which means that our processes are based on professional project management principles .  We also have the father of all construction trouble shooters when we need him.
David is a registered architect and has the unusual background of designing reno for profit projects for nearly a decade.  Some levels of Wonderwoman include his services.

Great! I want to harness my flair for making beautiful homes  to build financial security with  the exclusive Wonder Women community
If you are interested, please apply