Wonder Women Renovators
Is a  unique mastermind of women
( and the odd  bloke) who want to achieve their renovating goals faster and easier
  • The Wonder Women are my inner circle of renovators.
    I work closely with them to achieve their goals.
    They also help me guide our community in a way that delivers the best results while remaining true to our values. 
                                                                                                      Bernadette Janson
 Wonder Women Is For You If You Are:
A High Achiever
You've done some projects and you want to take it to the next level.
 You want to make a career out of renovating
 That might mean tackling finance challenges, expanding your toolkit of strategies or just sharpening your skills by refining your processes.
You will be guided personally by Strategy Queen, Bernadette to achieve your ambitious goal.
You have an entrepreneurial mindset .
Your goal is to either start or grow a property related business by adding skill in multiple value-adding strategies.
You would benefit from the support of Bernadette , Stephen and the group to start or grow your property-related business.

How do you know you're Wonder Women material?
  • You love creating beautiful spaces
  • You know your  passion is your power for change
  • You are coachable?
  • You have grit and determination?
  • You have a generous spirit & love to share your talents
  • You care about the world and the people in it
How Does  WONDER WOMEN Work?
Our 6 Success Principles
Your Mindset
It is important to understand how you operate to be able to get the best results from coaching.

We ask each new Diamond Wonder Woman to complete an assessment via an external company so that you understand both your strengths and your weaknesses.
It also helps us to support you and for you to find complimentary joint ventures partners.
                        Image: Rachel Ismen & Karryn Boyd
Your Power Plan
This is a process where you get all your long and short-term goals out of your head and onto paper.  You then meet with me
and together we map out your road map.  We then break the plan down into milestones so that you have tangible tasks to complete. This enables us to monitor your progress in our weekly coaching calls.
                        Image: The Wonder Women Power Planning Tool
Upgrade the Skills & Knowledge Required To Achieve Your Goals
In the process of completing your Power Plan, we will prescribe the areas where you need to upgrade your knowledge and skills. You will be able to access the appropriate training from our vast vault of training and content. 
Most of the training is pre-recorded except the tutorials which are delivered live twice a month.
3.1 Core Strategies
The 100k Reno Profit Program
The 100k Reno Profit System is at the core of everything we do . It will transition you from a hobby renovator to a confident,successful professional.he meetings are t
Kate & Suzette teamed up in WW.
Joint Venture School
Discover the fundamentals of setting up a successful joint venture, from selecting the right partner to carving up the profit – and everything in between.
Image: Bernadettes Project Wynnum  QLD
Micro-Development Mastery
Keen to do bigger projects, utilise stacking strategies like subdivision, increase exit options and build in more upside?  our Microdevelopment strategy does all that and more..
Image: WW Katrina Lumsden (Studio Haven)
My Airbnb Empire
The Ultimate A- Z to buy, renovate, list and manage a wildly successful short term rental property.
3.2 Live Tutorials
The live tutorials are held monthly .

They are delivered by a range of speakers and are designed for you to deepen your learning and apply to your projects and journey.
The topics are selected according to the groups needs and include the following:
  • Key area Workshops including Kitchens, bathrooms, lighting etc
  • Refining your project management skills with topics like bookkeeping, trade management, sourcing materials and scheduling your project.
  • Deep dives into foundational skills such as research, due diligence, feasibility.
  • Topics associated with  short term rental ,  property styling, floor plan design, colours and finishes.
Regular Coaching ,Accountability & Connection To Monitor and Meet Your Milestones, help with key decisions and build your brainstrust.
4.1 Diamond Project & Accountability Meetings
Twice a week we hold small group coaching sessions.  These are the gold in the program where you not only learn from your own experience but you have a birds-eye view of multiple projects. Objectives for the meetings are to
  • Maintain a positive & empowered mindset
  • Keep focused on your milestones
  • Review feasibilities and project plans
4.2 Diamond Whatsapp Mastermind Hotline
The Whatsapp mastermind hotline is where you go to get answers quickly.  You might be on site with a tradesman waiting on a decision from you.  You can tap into the whatsapp and get an answer immediately.
Regularly Strategy Reviews with Your Mastermind
Diamond Boardroom
You will take a seat at the boardroom table twice a year. This is a powerful experience where we invite guest speakers to broaden our property knowledge base.  
You will also revisit your strategic plan and adjust if necessary. 
The power of this event is that it is a true Mastermind where you are able to engage the collective minds in the room to help you overcome challenges and expand your potential.
Belonging to An Active & Generous Community
6.1 Wonders Retreat
The Annual Retreat is the jewel in the Wonder Woman year. It is held in a large country house in the Southern Highlands of NSW and the objective is to inspire creativity by touring renos and airbnb listings, create stronger bonds and have fun. 
You will come away with an injection of motivation and inspiration.

6.2 She Renovates Live
The ultimate event to sharpen your tools, adjust your mindset & build your network
you will learn what is happening in the world of property, be inspired by the before and after of projects women are leveraging to achieve their goals
there will be competitions, prizes and giveaways
6.3 Class Project
The class project is a large joint venture that we facilitate to give you the opportunity to be part of a renovation for profit without the burden of the project.
You may have an opportunity to invest, preference goes to Diamonds first, then launchpad, then starters

More Praise
About Bernadette
Bernadette Janson, formerly a registered nurse has had a lifelong passion for renovating since her first project at 13.

She retired from nursing at 29 to pursue renovating full-time.
Over 35 years, she has harnessed the financial problem-solving potential of renovating.
Women face significant financial disparities due to caregiving roles and the gender pay gap. Witnessing her widowed mother's struggle compelled her to champion women's financial security.
In essence, she has forged a career that marries her passion for renovation with a mission to empower women. Her proven renovation system has produced millions in profit for her and her community of renovators.

Almost every woman I have worked with has been more than capable but lacked confidence.  I have been there and I know that having someone who has gone before you makes a huge difference.
I get great joy out of being your wing-girl!!.
How To Apply
About the Application Process
Entry to the Wonder Women Program is by application so that we can assure that you have the capacity to get the results you seek.It is also important that we make sure that you are the right fit for the culture of the group.
When you hit the application button, you will be directed to complete an application form then book a call to discuss your goals .  You can then either join Launchpad to get started on the learning or go onto the waitlist until a place becomes available in Diamond.
I'm in my 60s , am I too old?
No, with current life expectency you still have 25-30 years left to live.That is enough time to build capacity, sustain yourself and create a legacy that you can be proud of.  
I'm in my 20s , am I too young?
Your 60-year-old self will love you for it because you will get started in your property journey on the right foot. Most importantly you will learn to avoid the mistakes that most newbies make.
What if I dont have enough money to do a project?
Best to discuss this with us first. In short, there are two elements of funding the investment loan & the cash. If you have one of those elements, you can usually team up to do a Joint Venture. If you don't have either, your best option is the Rent-to-Airbnb strategy. Build a six figure income. That will not only put money in your pocket, it will also build your capacity to get a loan
Where do I find joint venture partners?
You find renovators wanting to joint ventures in the Wonder Women community.

Being a good partner is not just about how much money or time you have, the most important ingredient is your attitude. If you come at this with an open heart you will find what you seek.

What if I'm a complete newbie?
Don't worry, everyone starts somewhere! Our program is designed with the complete novice in mind. We cover everything from the basics of property renovation and market analysis, to the nitty gritty details of sourcing the right materials and negotiating with contractors. Remember, we're here to guide you every step of the way, and our community is a treasure trove of shared experiences and insights. The most important thing is your commitment and enthusiasm to learn and grow.
 Can I include my partner?
We believe that you do better if you and your partner are aligned. So, we encourage you to work through as much of the program together.

Being online makes it easy

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