Australia's Premier Event for Women 
Who Want More Security, Wealth and Joy
Gain access to the She Renovates Live 2022 On-Demand Videos and learn how you ( and your partner) can build financial security and wealth  through property and renovating.
 Meet Inspiring Renovators – everyday women who all have one thing in common:
They want more out of life... More security, more money, and more joy. 
Who is it for?
This event is for women who love renovating  to:
  • Harness their passion to replace their day job to have more time, money and flexibility
  • Renovate retirement to have more money, creativity and purpose
  • Designers and professionals to use their skills to build their own wealth
  • Professional renovators who want to expand their strategies for bigger profits
Your She Renovates Live Take-Aways 
  • Step-by-step instructions on harnessing your passion for property and renovating to be creative, motivated and wealthy in retirement.
  • Learn the #1 guaranteed steps to take you from a side-hustle renovator to a million-dollar renovator. While it might sound like get-rich-quick, it's NOT, but it is definitely doable if you head in the right direction and maintain momentum.
  • Learn and copy our epic micro-development strategy using renovating as the catalyst to build high-equity, high-cash flow and low-maintenance new properties fast.
  • Get highly relevant market insights from our preferred property strategist and insider access to the projects behind the woman who has achieved her Million Dollar status.
  • Discover how to reinvigorate lagging reno results – if you need a JUMP START, this year's SRL will be the motivation to change the way you do things once and for all.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the world of finance and interest rates in this tricky post-Covid world from a stellar broker who is walking the walk and facilitating the finance for many of our Wonder Women renovator community.
  • Learn how to harness the power of multiple strategies such as holiday rental, joint ventures, cosmetic-plus renovations and micro development to build momentum and get exponential results from modest properties and maintain your flow.
  • Get early access to our Get Reno-Ready trainings via our exclusive private portal for attendees (available as soon as you book your ticket).
SPEAKERS 16 Successful Renovators
sharing their secrets to becoming million dollar renovators
Bernadette Janson
Founder of She Renovates, tea addict and champion for women's financial independence
Foong Koh Buckland
Pharmacist turned renovator who is scaling her projects to achieve massive profits
Louise Lucas
Founder Property Ed Company
renovator, gin officionado and finance expert
Jo Vadillo
Property strategist and owner of Property Women, working on her own multi million-dollar projects.
Katherine Beaumont
Director of Business Blueprint 
Property Developer
Michelle Lewis
Mindset and renovation coach, community manager at The School Of Renovating
and all-round party girl.
David Janson
M.Arch, B.Des
Multi-award winning architect and renovator
Christina Reed
Interior designer
Reed & Daughters
Ordering the She Renovates Live 2022 On-Demand Access is an investment, & you're worth it!
You will be treated to the insider secrets of a lineup of ambitious renovators who openly share their stories and tips for making a seven-figure impact on your wealth and your life by renovating for profit.

Watch with an open mind and be ready to learn – you'll be hearing one powerhouse woman after another and things you have never heard elsewhere!

She Renovates Live 2022 is a must-watch for all would-be and experienced renovators with big dreams and an even bigger commitment to achieving them.

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On-Demand Access
On-Demand Access
Gain access to specialised trainings to :
• Have financial security
• Control your time & money
• Be wealthy in retirement 

3 Feasibility calculators
for quick, back-of-the-envelope calculations for your projects.
        Bonus Resources End In:
About Bernadette Janson
Hi, I'm Bernadette, the creator of She Renovates Podcast, Facebook Group and Annual Conference. I have the pleasure of working with female renovators. What I've found is that many women keep themselves small, they treat their passion for renovating as a hobby and they don't talk about money. More importantly, they don't dare to dream about making buckets of it.
I want to crack this subject right open because to live a life of freedom, purpose and joy, you need to get comfortable with making money. You must set ambitious goals and reach for them, one project at a time.
What you'll get from the day:
  • Be inspired by women who are playing a big game, have set a big goal and have totally gone for it
  • Your beliefs about what you are capable of will be challenged
  • See how many different ways there are to achieve success
  • Learn the pathways women are taking to be million-dollar renovators
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, She Renovates Live 2022 is for everyone interested in pursuing their renovating journey. She Renovates Live is for you if:

     You are keen to get started and need inspiration and practical ideas.

     You've taken your first reno steps and now want to explore how to expand your skills to include renovating for profit.
     You are an experienced renovator keen to up your game and see how to develop your Million Dollar Renovator network and vision.
Whilst most of our community are women, their partners, family, and other men are most welcome to get inspiration and training at the conference. The event will be highly motivational and practical for all.
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