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Micro-Development Mastery
Keen to do bigger projects, utilise stacking strategies like subdivision, increase exit options and build in more upside? Sounds like our micro-development strategy may be of interest to you.

A micro-development supercharges the profit potential of a project by combining the renovation of an existing house with a subdivision to create an (almost free) extra block of land. Micro-development is much like small-development, but utilises the existing house.
In some ways it reduces market risk because you property literally has babies!  It is however more complex that a straight renovating and in this session we will cover some of those nuances to empower you.

Even if a small or micro-development is on the distant horizon or you feel you are currently too inexperienced, take this opportunity to be part of this totally new, 4-hour online Masterclass at the School of Renovating.

10:00 AM- 3:00 PM Sydney Time
  • Learn how to stack renovation  onto your small subdivision to increase profit and reduce market risk
  • Find out how to leverage this strategy to get your small development land practically free
  • Learn the accounting and legal implications of micro development.
  • Creative financing for micro-development

Whats Included:
  • Half-Day Online Training
  • Work Sheets & Resources
  • Micro-Development Mastery Recordings
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Wednesday 10 September 2023 10am-3pm Zoom
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Small and Micro-Development:
The Foundations
Engage with our specialist speakers as you learn:
  • Real examples of how our students have used micro-development to create extraordinary profits
  • How small or micro-development as a stacking strategy helps to decrease the risk of loss
  • Insight into what to look for when seeking a property for micro-development
  •  Costs associated with micro-development
  • Insight into GST, managing your tax liability and risk
  • Finance considerations for micro-development
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About Bernadette
Bernadette Janson is passionate about supporting women and their partners to harness their love of homemaking to create a sustainable income with renovating.

Through renovating, Bernadette was able to:
  • Retire from nursing at 29
  • Be a stay-at-home mum AND
    Contribute to the family finances.
  • Pay for weddings, a mortgage and fancy holidays.
  • Be able to produce a 6-figure income working part-time.
  • Give a LOT to charity.
  • Have a lot of fun doing the thing she loves most.
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"Life-altering "
Participating in the Wonder Women Program presented by The School of Renovating has been a profound experience. To say it's indescribable seems like an understatement; it's been challenging, eye-opening, and indeed, life-altering.

Coming into this program, I had my share of apprehensions – not knowing who else would be participating or what I was going to learn. Yet the journey has been nothing short of incredible, helping me realise my dreams of achieving financial independence in my retirement aren't just wishful thinking; they're completely achievable, especially within the property space.
- Amali 

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