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The key steps to a smooth transition from working for a boss to being in charge of your own destiny.
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The key things you must get in place to ensure your ability to move forward when you are no longer fully employed.
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Retirement makes you old. If you want a big life that leaves a mark, renovating will help you to make a difference.
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Bernadette Janson
Mentor, Speaker, Author
"I know that the power of renovating is not just in the physical change in the home or the money you make, it is in the energy and sense of self worth
it builds in YOU."

I have always love taking old ugly unloved properties and breathing new life into them.
Luckily, I married Stephen who shares my passion.
He has the added benefit of a building background and has helped me negotiate the established and sometimes misogynistic attitudes of the building industry particularly in the 80s.
It has been on renovating that I have built a marriage, a family, friendships and a successful business.
In renovating, you are doing something for yourself that benefits everyone around you.
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Bernadette Janson, renowned Mentor, Author and Speaker, shares her passion for renovating in creating a community of like-minded renovators and investors who inspire, empower and support one another.
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