If you can master the process of joint ventures,
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The Ultimate Guide To Joint Venture Projects

You asked your burning questions about Joint Ventures.

We answered with the intelligence we have gathered with 10 joint venture projects in 10 year.

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  • Formulas for splitting profit, risk & workload
  • How to protect yourself from a rogue partner
  • The 3 D's: Death, Divorce, Disease
  • The ONE Essential Ingredient
  • What if you have skills and no money?

I'm Bernadette Janson

Serial Renovator, (Retired Nurse), Educator, Podcaster, (bit of a workaholic), Mother, Daughter, Grandmother and champion for women to fulfill their true potential.

I want to help you build that bridge between your flair/passion for creating beautiful homes and your dream life funded by renovating.

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