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What you get:
1. The Renovation Bootcamp
  • MODULE 1 : Your Personal Strategic Plan
    Tutorial: Legal structures and Tax Minimisation for Micro Development by Brian Goodridge
  • MODULE 2 : Number Crunching
    Tutorial: What's Happening With Finance by Tracy Kearey
  • MODULE 3 : Research
    Tutorial: Choosing An Area And A Project For The Reno And Hold Strategy by Jo Vadillo
  • MODULE 4 : Putting Together The Deal
    Tutorial: Our Property Due Diligence System (Avoid expensive mistakes) by Bernadette Janson
  • MODULE 5 : Adding Value
    Tutorial: Fast Floor Plans by David Janson
  • MODULE 6 : Project Planning
    Tutorial: Schedule Your Reno Like A Pro by Stephen Janson
  • MODULE 7 : Renovation Project Management
    Tutorial: Joint Venture Planning by Bernadette Janson
  • MODULE 8 : Project Propositioning To Maximise Results
    Tutorial: Tradie Taming by Michelle Lewis
2. Our Epic Feasibility Calculator
3. Lifetime access to the training tutorial recordings and Facebook page
4. The Recipe: Suite of System Templates & Checklists
5. Bonus Clinic (Kitchen, bathroom and valuation)
6. Bonus Training: Bathroom & Kitchen Clinic
7. Kickstart Kit & Renosave Card
8. Fast Track Renovation Program
9. 30% Scholarship to our Wonder Women program
10. Ticket to She Renovates Live Event
11. 30 minute strategy call
Lucy Scott
"Bernadette is incredibly genuine and operates with a lot of integrity. She really cares about her students and their success. I felt the support from day one and really appreciated how she went above and beyond - that is why I signed up for the Renovation Bootcamp. Best decision ever."