The School Of Renovating Presents..
The Profitable Renovator  Masterclass 
Reno & Flip without the Fear and Risk of Failing
24 April 2024 @ 7-8pm AEST I 7pm QLD I 6.30 SA I 3pm WA
Its no secret,you need money to renovate
To get value from this training you need 
Either $50,000 to invest or the ability to secure an investment loan

This Masterclass is for you if you plan to:
  • Replace your income by doing something you love 
  • Speed up retirement
  • Work your own hours, be your own boss.
  • Have more time, money and joy in your life
  • Be part of a team with like-minded people
  • Learn to reno and flip
 Emma Viljoen
"I have enjoyed understanding the mix of strategies that women employ and have learnt a lot regarding the importance of accountants and legal structures."
Ashleigh Lane
"I have enjoyed understanding the mix of strategies that women employ and have learnt a lot regarding the importance of accountants and legal structures."
If you have had a long-held dream of learning and earning your income renovating?
But you struggle to work out whether it really is possible and how to get started, how to juggle between accounting, legals and legislation, even though you have done every free training known to man ....'re in the right place
-               RENOVATE
-         MAKE A PROFIT
In a value-packed 60 Minutes You Will Discover:
The 6 SUCCESS Principles to a 6-Figure Income With Part-Time Renovating and Flipping.
The Top 3 Mistakes Newbie Renovators and Flippers Make & How to AVOID Them.
The ONLY Thing Holding You Back From a 6-Figure Income With Renovating and Flipping.
Did You Now Renovating Is A Team Sport?
  Class Project Joint Ventures are our Secret To Getting Into Projects And Making Money Faster,
Share The Load And Have More Fun.


Meet Bernadette Janson
Expert Renovator & Advocate for Women
Bernadette Janson has been a prolific and profitable renovator for over 30 years.

Her proven 100k Profit Renovation System has produced millions in profit for her and her community of renovators.

Renovating enabled her to retire from nursing to be a stay-at-home mother at 29 and still be able to contribute to the family's finances, pay off her mortgage, pay for weddings, school fees and family holidays and build a substantial passive income.

She is particularly interested in helping women build financial stability harnessing their creative skills through renovating and other property strategies

Bernadette personally completes an average of 2-3 of her own renovation projects each year as an active coach, mentor and contributor to her reno students and 12 team projects.

2024 is your time to shine, now is the time to act because the stars are aligned for renovators:

Rental yields are historically high with low vacancy rates:

With a projected net increase in migration of 715,000 people in the next two years, the influx of migrants, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne, will drive up home values and rents.

Home prices are continue to rise  The combination of supply constraints, migration, and market dynamics leads to the belief that Australian home prices will surpass record highs and continue to rise over the next 18     

Interest rates are peaking: With inflation trending down, the RBA predicts that it won't reach its target until 2025. While one more rate rise is likely, the expectation is that interest rates will stabilize soon.
Did you know you can complete a  project in 6 weeks. By the time you have sourced a property, settled , done a 6 week reno, had a 4 week sales campaign and 6 week settlement period , you are looking at almost 6 months.

Plenty of our students have banked their first profit inside 6 months.
Don't worry, we can do your first project with you. This is our unique way of getting you started safely and strategically.  
We run the first project with up to 20 students, and you get to come along on the journey and share the profit. This is called a Class project and we also guarantee your investment.
Join other like minded members
Amali de Vos
"Participating in the Wonder Women Program presented by The School of Renovating has been a profound experience. To say it's indescribable seems like an understatement; it's been challenging, eye-opening, and indeed, life-altering."
Jenna Bradwell
"I have increased my confidence a lot as a result of the program. I also love that I now have resources I can go back to if I need to brush up on any of my knowledge.

I loved getting to know the over renovators and the sense of support and community too. I also feel like the experience has brought my Mum and I a lot closer as a reno team!"

Christina Reed
"The Wonder Women Program has been a transformative journey for me, one filled with enlightening revelations and enriching personal connections. The experience has been eye-opening, serving as a much-needed source of inspiration and practical advice during a challenging personal period in my life."
WARNING: This Free Advanced Training is Limited So Act Now. These Webinars Always Fill Up Fast Because They Are Better Than The Training Others Charge You Thousands For. (Ask Around). This is 100% Free. Claim Your Spot Below And See What Everyone Is Raving About.
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