She Renovates
Pathway To Property
Your Fast Track To Get Reno Ready

Get Your Ducks In A Row
To Harness The Power of Renovating For Profit

Not everyone can start renovating off the bat
Sometimes there are hurdles you need to clear

We can help you to build a strong foundation mentally and financially to
be in a position to start on your first project in the next 12 Months.
To Recover From A Set Back
Make Up For Lost Time
Build Wealth For Retirement
We help you build your mindset, money & knowledge to start renovating powerfully this year.
Does This Sound Familiar?
  • You know you need to focus on saving  but feel frustrated that you can't move faster or more consistently and often feel like you are missing out on opportunities
  • You can feel quite overwhelmed and trapped by financial uncertainty and just not knowing what you can do about it.
  • The struggle is real. While everyone else seems to be living their best life, you can feel isolated and alone
Most Australian Women Are Behind Financially 
If you have that instinctive love of property
(you know if you do) You have a secret weapon.
If you're ready to embrace its potential,
you have the power to transform your financial future .

Create a stable, prosperous life for yourself and your family
A Man Is Not A Plan
Hi, I'm Bernadette. I learned how important it is for women to build their financial independence when my mother was widowed at 45.

I have been determined to build the skills to support myself regardless of what life throws at me. I'm one of the lucky ones, i got a good man and he has joined me in my mission to make a difference

We work with women who need to build capacity to be able to  transform their lives with renovating .
We help build your mindset, your knowledge and your bank balance until you are ready to launch.

We have helped hundreds of women get started And we can't wait to do the same for you.

Starting Right Makes Success Both Effortless & Inevitable
 Get Money & Reno Savvy
Monthly training module honing your money and mindset and building your skills to launch into renovating with confidence and capability
 Exclusive Expert Advice
You will have direct access to Bernadettes for guidance to stay on track. Lean into her 40 years in renovating to  get ahead quicker
Never Be Alone
Belong to a supportive network of peers and experts.

Enjoy a rich source of inspiration, motivation, support and shared wisdom

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction
ends up making biggest difference to your life
Tip toe if you must, but take the step.
Your "Ducks-In-A-Row" Roadmap
Join the Club
Discover what's involved with changing your life with renovating

Be supported by savvy women who have been where you are and have triumphed
Get Your Ducks In A Row
Learn the skills that will set you up for live . Build your income and your confidence

Get mindset ready and most importantly build your team and your brainstrust.
Start Your Project
When you are ready to step into projects, you will need to upgrade yours skills again .
Upgrade to The Profitable Renovator Implementation Program, 100% of your investment in this program will be rebated *
She Renovates VIP Is A Powerful Way To Upskill Aspiring Renovators To Transform Their Finanical Futures 
1. Build Your  Reno Mindset & Skills
 A Powerful Reno Mindset - To cultivate the resilience and strategic thinking needed to tackle any renovation challenge successfully.
 Increased Financial Capability -Empower yourself with the skills to manage budgets, optimize renovations  and secure your financial future, boosting your confidence and independence.
 Well Developed Feasibility Capability -Master the ability to accurately assess and plan profitable renovation projects, minimizing risks and maximizing returns on your projects
 Expert Property Research Skills Acquire the expertise to meticulously analyze market trends and property values, ensuring you make informed decisions  
 A Strong Profile - Enhance your visibility and credibility in the market, enabling you to  attract potential partnerships or investment opportunities
2. Understand The Reno Profit Strategies
 Cosmetic Plus Renovating Learn our signature system to implement cost-effective, renovations that significantly increase property value without extensive structural changes
 Renovate Your Retirement  Strategically leverage renovation profit to create long-term financial security and comfort
Micro Development. This is the renovators advantage with small development by stacking a renovation on, it enables you to build a high cashflow, high equity portfolio quickly
 Joint Ventures - The renovators team sport. Joint ventures enable you to do projects that you couldn't normally do on your own.  It enables you to fill the gaps in your capacity whether it be time, skill or money.
Know That Your Goals Are Possible
 Real Life Case Studies -Women who have been where you are, showing you how they achieved their goals
 Invest in The Class Project -Subject to availability, this is the opportunity to experience a flip without the risk
1. Monthly Module Of Learning & Inspiration
Every month you will access a new module that helps to build your money, mindset and skills
2. Monthly Q & A With Bernadette
You will have access to Bernadette on a live zoom call where you can lean on her expertise to stay on track
3. Amazing Community of Savvy Women
The ultimate event for renovators to sharpen your tools, adjust your mindset for success and build your network.

4. Quarterly Case Study
You will have direct access to Bernadette for guidance and answers to your questions.

5. Join into our Annual Event
She Renovates Live
Receive an online ticket for you and your bestie to attend our annual celebratory event:  She Renovates Live.
6. Upgrade with a 100% Rebate
When you are ready to secure your first project you trade up to our  implementation program: You will be rebated 100% of your fees against The 100 K Reno Profit Program.*
*Conditions apply
She Renovates VIP
Monthly Module Pre-Recorded Training & Inspiration
Monthly Access To Bernadette For Expert Advice
Private Community of Savvy Renovators
Online Ticket To Our Annual Conference & Quarterly Meet Ups
100% Rebate when you upgrade to The Profitable Renovator Program
She Renovates VIP
Special Offer $1,999 $1,499
Monthly Module Pre-Recorded Training & Inspiration
Monthly Access To Bernadette For Expert Advice
Private Community of Savvy Renovators
Online Ticket To Our Annual Conference & Quarterly Meet Ups
100% Rebate when you upgrade to The Profitable Renovator Program
Join other like minded members
Ashleigh Lane
"The School of Renovating is a game-changer for me. The courses are full of insights and real-life examples that have transformed my perspective. I'm now more confident about future investment opportunities, and I'm already taking action."
Amali de Vos
"Participating in the Wonder Women Program presented by The School of Renovating has been a profound experience. To say it's indescribable seems like an understatement; it's been challenging, eye-opening, and indeed, life-altering."
Jenna Bradwell
"I have increased my confidence a lot as a result of the program. I also love that I now have resources I can go back to if I need to brush up on any of my knowledge.

I loved getting to know the over renovators and the sense of support and community too. I also feel like the experience has brought my Mum and I a lot closer as a reno team!"