Renovating 2021
6 Strategies To Go From Zero To 100k
TUE 12th January @12 PM
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 Bernadette Janson
Former Registered Nurse, mother of 4, Grandmother of 3, Wife of 1.
Renovator for over 30 years .
Turned her obsession with beautiful interiors into a substantial income. Pioneered a system for replacing your income with renovating. Currently completing 1 to 3 projects per year.
What you will learn in this free session!

  • The six strategies to enable to make a reliable profit in any market
  • The drivers producing reno opportunities that we may not see again for decades
  • The critical skills you must embrace to maintain your goals while keeping risk to a minimum
  • How women are hard wired to be more efficient and effective renovators
  • How to build a personal plan to take you from $0 to $100k in the next 12 months
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6 Strategies To Go From Zero To 100k In Renovating 2021

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