The Profitable Renovator Program

This program  is a 6 month Mentoring Program
-Delivered in small groups ( max 20 new students)
-Live Zoom  Sessions ( 2 per month over 6 months)
-Next group starts Monday 1st July
Learn the 100k Reno Profit System to  transition  from a hobby renovator to a confident,successful professional

Put a rocket under your property value
& your income with this powerful accelerant..renovating for profit
Class Project : Newcastle NSW
Bought $ 915,000 Sold $1,280,000
Profit: $106,000
 6 monthly live lessons delivered via Zoom 
Small Groups of 20 New Students Plus 5 Refreshers
Important Benefits Of This Format
You will be able to identify $100k profit potential Learn the system we have  developed over 30 years of renovating. Put it into practice without delay to have money in the bank by year end.
You will get peace of mind by submitting your deals for live analysis and review For  practical, hands-on learning and the re-assurance of our 30 years of experience on your feasibility
You will safeguard your profit and avoid costly pitfalls  with our Risk management, Compliance and Legal consideration training 
You will get clear directions on where to start and the steps to take   with our Step-by-Step Project Management Guides reducing the overwhelm and complexity often associated with renovations.
Confidence to expertly manage finances and predict costs  by learning to use  our financial  planning and budgeting tools.
Instant professional team you can trust  You will have access to our acountant, brokers, lawyers, designers and property strategists. Most have been working on our projects for a decade and have an intimate understanding of the 100k renovation process.
Project Support: Source your project inside the program and benefit from our project support. We also offer ongoing project support at a 20% discount for graduates of this program.
The Profitable Renovator Program  is based on our 100k Renovation System and the result of 40 years in the trenches 
~Shortcut your learning curve with the lessons  from our mistakes rather than making them yourself
The experience has brought my Mum and me a lot closer as a reno team! 
Jenna Bradwell Bondi , Sydney
I have increased my confidence a lot as a result of the 100K Renovation Program.
I also love that I now have so many useful resources I can go back to if I need to brush up on any of my knowledge. I
loved getting to know the other renovators and the strong sense of support within The School of Renovating communit
I also feel like the experience has brought my Mum and me a lot closer as a reno team
Lucy and Daz started with their family home in  Blackburn Melbourne.
Interior designer Christina Reed ( Brisbane)
Vivianne Halliday (Brisbane)
This Course Is For You If you are a...
Changing Career to Renovating
Buying your first home or Investing
Preparing for 
Industry Professional
"When you decide to transform your financia lfuture, it has a ripple effect.Your whole family benefits. 
Families that renovate together stay together" 
                                                        ~ Bernadette Janson
Imagine you could...
  • Knowing you have the skill to literally make profit on demand
  • Having the clarity and confidence to find and complete projects expertly
  • Being able sidestep the pitfalls, to keep yoru project on time and on budget
  • Feeling confident and in control every step of the way.
What you'll learn...
The 100k Renovation Program is the building block for multiple strategies .
You will learn the entire process of renovating profitably.

You will understand how to map out your path to achieve your financial goals with renovating, identifying the perfect area to source property for your projects, how to secure the right property at the right price and how to plan the best cosmetic plus renovation.

You will also learn where to spend your budget and where not to so you dont overcapitalise.

Then there is the actual renovation where you will be trained to expertly manage the time , quality and budget .

Every aspect is covered from numbercrunching to styling and selecting a selling or managing agent .
Once you master this training , you have the license to create your own income and life.

"Living The Dream"
We are so grateful to Bernadette and her team and this awesome community of renovators who collaborate and lift each other up so everyone is able to live their dreams!
~ Deb & Avi Levy
 Everything You Need To Be A Profitable Renovator
Premium 8 Module Core Training.
Available online 24/7 in bite sized lessons
for you to learn when it works for you
Your Strategic Plan
Develop your personal plan and strategy for your first $50k-$100k profit
Number Crunching
How to complete due diligence in your deal using benchmarks, budgeting and a feasibility process to identify and execute the financial aspects of your projects
A step-by-step research system to be able to identify a profitable suburb or area for your renovation business.
Securing Your Property
A guide through the intricate process of selecting a property that aligns with your strategic plan and financial goals, offering a blueprint for negotiating and acquiring real estate with the potential for high profitability.
The Cosmetic Plus Reno
Our signature system for adding value to nail the sweet spot: the maximum profit for minimum effort, including a raft of low-cost, high-impact reno hacks.
Project Planning
How to complete due diligence in your deal using benchmarks, budgeting and a feasibility process to identify and execute the financial aspects of your projects
Managing Your Project
How to set your project up powerfully using proven project management techniques to manage trade by trade to completion.
Completing Your Project
How to complete due diligence in your deal using benchmarks, budgeting and a feasibility process to identify and execute the financial aspects of your projects
6 Monthly  Q & A Calls
  • Engage directly with Bernadette
  • Ask questions to apply the training to your personal scenario
  • Build relationship with your cohort
  • Feeling confident and in control every step of the way.
  • Our powerful feasibility calculator
  • Trade due diligence system
  • Due diligence checklist
  • DIY Styling System
  • Research System
  • Cosmetic plus adding value
  • Many more
  • Buy, Renovate, Sell ( Flip)
  • Portfolio Building
  • An introduction to Airbnb
  • Adding value to your family home
  • Adding a land component to your renovation to increase profit
  • Renovating apartments
  • Many more
Lifetime Membership to our School Of Renovating Graduate Private Facebook Group
You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
Sometimes the thing that will have the most impact on your income is changing the people you are spending time with

Being part of a group of active renovators helps you find your tribe.
Bonus Training From Our Extended Family
Legal Structures 
With Brian Goodridge CPA
Jo Vadillo 
Advocate Property Services
Louise Lucas 
Property Education Company
Michelle Lewis 
Michelle Lewis Property
David Janson
Thurlow Studio
Stephen Janson
The School of Renovating
Key Area Training
Street Appeal is critical.
First impressions matter
Jane Eyles Bennet
shares her magic
Flooring for Your Reno
helps unscramble the choices between engineered, laminate, hybrid, carpet etc
The kitchen can make or break a reno , it can also blow the budget. Here we share our tricks for avoiding both
In our Window Dressing workshop we share cost effective off the shelf solutions and our installation hacks
Our lighting workshop discuses options for task, ambient and statement  and access lighting .
Bathrooms are also a very important aspect of your reno . In this, we cover everything from trades to tiles 
And more coming soon....
A Ready Made Professional Team
Bernadette Janson
Bernadette as had a lifelong passion for renovating since her first project at 13.

She has harnessed the financial problem-solving potential of renovating and crafted her 100k Reno Profit System to take the guess work out of renovating for profit , making it more enjoyable and less risk
She has also forged a career that marries her passion for renovation with a mission to empower women.

Her proven renovation system has produced millions in profit for her and her community of renovators.

Stephen Janson
Stephen has enjoyed a long and successful career in construction management building hospitals.
He has recently retired from the role in which he was one of the top 50 project manager in the country.

He has always lent his considerable expertise in construction to the School of Renovating program.
He is now CEO and construction expert .
David Janson
David grew up on building sites. Tagging along with Bernadette on her projects.
He trained as an architect at UTS and won a scholarship during his masters to Barcelone university.
He has worked on prestigious projects such as the lavender boatshed and Barangaroo house.
He now runs his own practice , Thurlow Studio and is the go-to architect for The School Of Renovating.
"I couldn't have done it without Bernadette's amazing training."
Renovating properties has changed my life for the better in so many ways.

I want to keep doing this for as long as I can, I just love it. The only regret I have
is I didn't start sooner.

Anything Bernadette offers with
The School Of Renovating – just do it,
you won't regret it.
- Kim Glenn
A Six Month Mentored Program
6 Monthly Live Zoom Lessions
6  Monthly Live Zoom Q & A's 
Quarterly Case Study
Our Epic Feasibility Calculator
Our Preferred Professionals List
Package of Complementary Mini Trainings
 Life Time Access To  our 100 Reno Profit Program
& Private Renovating FB Group
Quarterly Case Study
24/7 Access to 8 Online Modules
Systems , Resources & Recordings
Why You Should Choose The $100K Reno Profit 
Program Over Others.
You're Not A Number
Our strategies are not one size fits all. Everyone starts from a different place and it is important that you have a plan that is tailored to your circumstances.

We facilitate your develpment of your own personal plan to help you achieve the goals that are imortant to you.
We Are Family
Family is everything to us. 
Many of our strategies have been to solve the problems we experienced as a family.
When you join , you become part of renovating family.  The most important thing about family is we look after one another.
Developed Over 35 Years
We were toddlers when we started!!

Seriously we have renovated  through many property cycles including the recession we had to have where interest rates nudged 20%.
We have made lots of mistakes so that you dont have to.
Our Class Project
The class project is a large joint venture that we facilitate so you can have a real-life experience of renovating for profit without the worry of the project.

This project is also a teaching tool for our program.  We are currently establishing our 3rd class project which will be in Melbourne.
"Bernadette and Stephen are very caring, pragmatic, great at what they do, and financially savvy. This is definitely not the infamous fluffy, feel-good type of seminar. Of course, this kind of program requires on-the-ground learning. Fortunately, having such an experienced and genuinely caring mentor, and a supportive community to learn with provides lots of support and confidence to get projects up and going, and ultimately building wealth."
                                                                                                             Trung Truong

If you go through the entire program, do the work, attend the Q & A sessions, I guarantee you'll love the clarity and direction it will bring you.
 I will be teaching you the same system I have taught hundreds of students and I use myself to generate an average of $100k per project – and I know they work! More than a guarantee, it's my personal promise.
Take the full 60 days and work your way through all the elements of the course and apply them.
To claim on the guarantee email me and attach your completed work to demonstrate you have given it your best.
Great! I want access to this exclusive training so I can start working on replacing my income (yesterday),

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